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Happi Cards are a small deck of 57 cards, designed to shift your perspective to a happy one, over any situation in life.

They have been created to make true inner happiness more accessible, by helping you think about situations from a higher perspective & making use of that limitless well of knowing we all have inside.

Happi Cards are a wonderful excuse to spend those precious 5 quiet minutes with yourself per day, that allow you to plug back into source and recharge your soul batteries.

Use Happi Cards for inspiration over any situation in life – pick a card & it will help you make a decision based on the wisdom. It is often reminding us of what we already know & the messages help us to flick that internal awareness switch.

Happi Cards now feature 57 unique mandalas, created to help assimilate each message on every level of your being.

  • 57 unique messages
  • 64x46mm (small enough for your wallet, big enough to change your belief system!)
  • Printed on luxurious thick matte card
  • 57 unique mandalas, charged up to empower you
  • Stick your favorite card on bathroom mirror, car dashboard, in wallet, post to a friend
  • Written & designed by Frances Verbeek of Happi Empire

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What people are saying…

“Small, with perfect inspirational words!!” 

“Amazing positive and encouraging affirmation cards. I would purchase again!”

 “Bought as a gift and the recipient loved it – thank you!”

“Amazing little cards of wisdom. Truly a wonderful thing to have. I believe leaving yourself these messages in hidden places, forgetting about them and finding them all over again will no doubt make your day (disclaimer – it happened to me). They are beautifully designed and thought out, not to mention the fact that you can feel the heart and soul that was put into designing them. Couldn’t recommend them enough!”

“Love these little cards and the messages they give.”

“I’m freaking in love with these beautiful cards! I love how they were packaged and the love and care put into them. Beautiful! Thank you!!!”

“My sister loved them! I am so happy with this purchase”

“This is the 2nd box of cards that I have bought for work… everyone loves them and they brighten and inspire everyone’s day! No doubt I will be back for more! Highly recommend to put a smile on someone’s face xxx”

“Love these! Love the small size, perfect for pockets and purses.”

“They are a hit with my daughter who had learned about cards like these from a college professor who uses them for meditation each morning. Thank you!”


Vendor Shout Out: The Happi Empire

Nonprofit Partner Inspiration: NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the nation's largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness.

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