Attitude of Gratitude

A big "THANK YOU" to:
  • My husband, Luke, for letting my wild idea run free without judgment or complaint.
  • My mom, who is my biggest fan and understands my drive because I inherited it from her.  She knows the business world way better than I do, and has offered to help in many different ways.  This woman gives and gives and gives.  She also volunteers on a nonprofit Board of Directors and serves as a great role model for balancing work, family, and friends (though she is a great example, those are big shoes that can't be filled).  My mom juggled many roles, finishing her college degree before age 50, wore a suit to work each day, and is undoubtedly the reason I grew up believing that a woman's place is where she wants to be.
  • My dad, who is always ready to lend a hand or hunt down some piece of equipment I may need that he undoubtedly grabbed on sale or for free once upon a time.  His collection is a treasure trove that this business is tapping into!  He leads by example and taught me to share my talents with others. He is also the man who taught me basic tool use, had me mow the lawn, and expected me to stain every deck board that one summer when all I wanted to do is watch The Days of Our Lives.  In the end, those were some of the things gave me enough confidence to be independent, and again, challenged some gender roles.
  • My Tita (Sandy), who affectionately calls me her "Niecelette", and is this incredible force in the nonprofit and arts communities.  There is not a place in the Twin Cities we visit where someone doesn't stop her with joy and admiration in their voice.  I am so proud of the impacts she has made on this world, which inspires me to find my own path to do so.  Her growth mindset and open-mindedness are contagious, as is her  deep care for others as they are.  The adventures I've experienced on a trip to DC, Taiko drumming, African dance class, Kolam flour drawing, art gallery visiting, nonprofit birthday parties, eco-friendly lawn care seminar, jazz concert, Christmas basket delivery, and more, have shaped me more than I ever realized in those moments.  I would not be the person I am and would not be on this journey if not for her influences in my life.  Everyone should have an auntie like her.
  • Krystal, for taking a very active interest in all things related to starting this business, which kept the momentum and helps with decision-making.  One chat with her and I regain the energy needed to move forward.
  • Talia, for helping me trouble shoot the website, recommending Canva and Unsplash, and enthusiastic support.
  • Jess, my college roommate and study abroad amiga, for knowing me so well, listening to my wild hair business idea, and helping answer business questions.  She even sourced additional products through a small business referral and brainstormed a future product line.
  • Melodie, for lending her talents by diving into idea boards and logo sketches, despite also working full time and raising a newborn during a pandemic.  She pushed me outside my comfort zone in ways that are so fitting it seems she knew what I needed before I knew I needed it.  Definitely impressed and jealous of her mad skillz.
  • My friends Kristen and Patrick, who have been supportive and taken a very active interest in this endeavor and my wellness.  Their humor and strong GIF game keep me sane and their unwavering support keeps me in gear.
  • Vendors, so many have responded so positively to my introductory comments with so much support for this concept!  Many vendors even throw in a little something extra for me, which is a great touch and it truly does brighten my day.  You're good energy and that's why I like working with you all!  

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