Grateful for Nonprofits

If you've ever volunteered for, served on a Board of Directors, and/or received services from a nonprofit organization, you can appreciate the hard work, incredible generosity, and labor of love that goes into the way they build communities.  From education and skills training to food insecurity, to addiction recovery or affordable housing, animal rights to human rights, nonprofits support a wide range of community services that our tax dollars simply cannot. 

We believe so strongly in the power of nonprofit partnership within a community, that we have dedicated a portion of proceeds from every product sold in the grAttitude shop to at least one nonprofit organization.  Many of them I have had personal experience with or am honoring a personal or professional relationship with a nonprofit of their choosing.  

Meet the nonprofits we currently partner with, learn about their missions, and find causes for which you can devote your time, talents, and treasure.  We have many, many more that we are excited to reach in the future.  Share gratitude for your good fortune.  Live generously. <3

In no particular order:

  • Kiva - Global microlending platform I've supported for over a decade on my personal profile.  New profile for our shop - join us!
  • Z Puppets Rosenschnoz - Puppeteering, storytelling, and helping teachers with arts-infused curriculum, this local, Minnesota treasure even has a show to teach the Cherokee language.
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness - The nation's largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness.
  • Choose Love - The Choose Love store sells real products for refugees. Items you choose will help us protect the most vulnerable people in this difficult time.  Excellent gift cards for the holidays!
  • The Centennial Area Education Foundation - Education programs - scholarships, grants, and more.  This organization is almost entirely volunteer run and produces opportunities for all ages in the community.  2020 is the third year I've served on the Board of Directors.
  • Granny's Closet - Improves quality of life for both senior citizens and adults with disabilities.  I partner with them each year to provide holiday gifts and my mother serves on their Board of Directors.
  • Abbey's Hope - Provides education and advocacy for comprehensive safety standards for all pools.  Review their latest PSA to learn more.
  • SeaTrees - Many programs available - the one that piqued my interest helps you offset your carbon emissions from vacation flights!
  • Charity Water - Their powerful story can bring you to tears - they’ve funded 56,759 water projects for over 11 million people around the world.
  • American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) - COVID-19 has laid bare the systemic oppression that is at the root of inequality in America. Ruth Bader Ginsberg helped found the Women's Rights Project in 1972 and we honor her dedication to equiality with our support of this organization.
  • National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Empowerment Programs - Engages primarily in training, education, and advocacy, and will continue to work closely with NAACP units in these endeavors.
  • Seeding Sovereignty - A multi-generational, Indigenous, womxn-led collective based on mentoring relationships and principles of unity, solidarity, justice, equity, and respect.  They honor Indigenous sovereignty and build cross-cultural bridges.  Their goal is to protect our Earth Mother and her children through Indigenous knowledge and practices.  They realize the need for multigenerational environmental stewardship in order to make systemic change needed NOW.
  • Second Harvest Heartland - Through the purchase of our Food for Thoughts Cards product line, the equivalent of one sandwich is donated to Second Harvest Heartland, which is among the nation’s largest, most efficient hunger-relief organizations. Fighting hunger in the Midwest for than three decades, they believe no one should go hungry, especially in the heartland where we produce more than enough food for everyone. In 2020, they distributed more than 113 million pounds of food—more than 97 million meals—to partners in hunger-relief.  I've volunteered at this organization many times and am so proud to support them through this shop.

    Partner with Us: If you work at a nonprofit or have one near and dear to your heart that you would like us to partner with, please share with us on social media or contact us so we can consider.  We can't guarantee we will reach all, but over time we hope to reach MANY more causes and communities!

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