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You know those times when the ego thoughts are kicking you down, you’re in a slump and just need a pick me up? Boost will be your uplifting friend!

Boost will help you remember your worth, remind you of your choice to feel happy and motivate you to follow your dreams. Soul hug!

Boost is full of uplifting thoughts for motivation and confidence! It will help you shift your perspective and believe in yourself. It intends to motivate you into positive action and go for your dreams!

Inside Boost, you will find uplifting thoughts in the following areas:

  • Believing in yourself and deciding who you want to be
  • Taking opportunities and the people you spend time with
  • Intuitive guidance and beaming your truth
  • Your thoughts and positive mantras
  • How to use time and doing what makes you happy
  • Moving beyond the past, motivation and fulfilment
  • Making choices and the value of rest
  • Your worth and focusing on radiant joy
  • Persistence and progress
  • Forgiveness, failure and the journey
  • And more!

All original words and illustrations by Fran :)

You are awesome!
You deserve a head full of beautiful beliefs.
We will start this process today.
You can leave your past stories at the door.
Today you get to choose new thoughts, which will inform new feelings and create a positive life experience!
It’s time for your BOOST!

Our whole experience is determined by our mind. When we have a mind full of supportive thoughts, our experience will feel easier, more joyful and energized.

Do you need a boost? Who else needs a boost in your life?

Vendor Shout Out: The Happi Empire

Nonprofit Partner Inspiration: NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the nation's largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness.

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