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Add this listing to your purchase and we will have Sea Trees plant one mangrove tree for you! 

Every mangrove you help to plant:

  • Provides sustainable employment for two villages on Biak Island, Indonesia
  • Helps to protect Biak Island from storm-surges and sea-level rise
  • Creates critical habitat for threatened species
  • Sequesters carbon in one of the most efficient ways possible. In fact, mangrove forests are 5x more effective at storing carbon than tropical forests.

Download this card if you would like to share this gift with a special someone.  

Nonprofit Organization: Sea Trees - 100% of profits fund our mission to protect and restore coastal ecosystems - turning the tide on climate change.  With your support  - we work with local communities on Biak Island, Indonesia to plant mangrove SeaTrees to restore coastal ecosystems.

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