Environmental Commitment

The grAttitude shop is constantly learning and growing.  From the beginning, we have sought environmentally conscious packing materials and will continue to assess ways we can and will be better.  We ask our partners about using environmentally friendly materials, are looking into clean energy, and are open to ideas you may have about how to further sustainable practices in our small business.  

Not only have we partnered with EcoEnclose to obtain eco-friendly shipping supplies, but we also plan to re-use as much packaging as possible.  While we want to offer that amazing, branded, unboxing experience, we also understand we have a responsibility to this planet.  Reusing packaging that is already in the consumer stream is one way our business tries to remain environmentally-conscious.

We are glad you have chosen to support businesses like ours, who help reduce our impact on this glorious planet.  Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, y'all.  ♻


sustainable packaging

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sustainable packaging