Grateful for our Community

This isn't your regular referral.  You know I have a sweet spot for small businesses and wanted to share with you some that have shaped my life at some point in time and/or continue to still.  I know these business owners either personally or professionally and trust them.  I'm grateful for what they have shared with me and how that has shaped me - thought you might like to learn from them, too!

In no particular order:

  • BEHAVE YOUR BEST - They help you find your parenting mojo and gain the skills you need to parent effectively and enjoy time with your child again.  Trust me - brilliant potty training how-to and any other behavioral issue you can think of.  Be sure to check out their "Pretend You are a Light Switch" video.  You can even learn from the comfort of your home!
  • BEYOND BIRDS AND BEES - They are a parenting education program designed for parents interested in learning about how to successfully communicate with their children about sex.  Yes, I said it.  And all the things that surround it.  I've participated in her workshop before and trust me when I say it is empowering and enlightening - you need to know this stuff when they are as early as TWO.  She does group events and private coaching to help all parents with kids of all ages.  Check her program out!
  • BOOKS BY THADDEUS MCGRATH - The award-winning author is my good friend and a former U.S. Marine Corps fighter/attack pilot, a veteran of the War on Terror and a graduate of the United States Naval Academy.  His debut novel, Gaelan's War, was inspired by a desire to continue the discussion about PTSD, and a love of all things supernatural.  He lives in Northern Virginia with his wife, kids, and oversized dogs.  I had the privilege of reading some first copies of his books and highly recommend you give this budding author a read!  You might even find me in the acknowledgements of Book 3: Gaelan's Legacy.
  • MICHELLE CHIKAONDA - This incredible writer was my roommate for a summer while studying at Georgetown University.  She is the Batman to my Robin and has been a steadfast friend since 2005.  I've been privileged to learn from her experiences and enlightened by her writing and other communications.  Our chats are always deep and nonjudgmental and I find her writing to be curious and insightful just the same.  Her website will lead you down a learning path of articles, podcasts, interviews, and more!  
  • A BRIGHTER PURPOSEA Brighter Purpose was ignited to create a movement of humans moving toward flourishing lives. After the loss of a dear family member, Kelly Miller has made it her mission to help as many as she can to understand how malleable we are as humans, and how powerful our minds can be. With more people thriving with the benefits of accurate, intentional, and resilient thinking, the better our world will become.  I met Kelly at a Mindful Leadership Summit in DC - that is where I first realized her strength and passion for positive psychology.  She is also an author of Jane's Worry Elephant, A Self-help Guide for Kids with Anxietywhich I promptly purchased copies to share with our local elementary schools!  
  • MINT SALON & SPA - Go see their group of amazing stylists and spa staff.  This small business a chic vibe and two female co-owners that would give you the shirt off their back.  They often show up to support the community and are doing their best to survive this COVID mess.  Get your locks cut and show some love to a community gem. 

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