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This listing is currently on preorder while the amplifiers make their way to our shop!  Get it while the gettin' is good!  Turn around time may be a few weeks as they have been popular and take time to make/restock from our amazing vendor!  Thank you for your patience!

These fun little bracelets are perfect for paring with your favorite Moxie pieces to amplify the specific energy of your intentions.  The Moxie Amplifiers are made with 4mm beads and add dimension to your bracelet stack.  They are also great to mix-n-match on their own!

  • Garnet - Improves vitality, motivation and energy. Creates a strong foundation and re-energizes all seven chakras. Helps you to get unstuck.
    • Carnelian - Creativity, inspiration and vitality. Gets you motivated to take action towards creative endeavors and making moves towards your dreams and goals.
      • Citrine - Master healer crystal, charges stones and crystals around it. Promotes abundance, personal power and good will. Motivation, concentration and revitalization. 
      • Aventurine - Friendship, healing, abundance, leadership, compassion and perseverance. A wonderful way to invite positivity and abundance into your life. 
      • Fluorite - A strong sense of healing and overall well-being. Connection to higher self balancing energy both physically and mentally, promoting clarity. 
      • Aquamarine - Reduces stress, anxiety and anger bringing deep inner peace and healing. Helps with feeling less overwhelmed, especially in positions of leadership.
      • Blue Apatite - Balances energy, avoiding over or under activity. Personal power, encouraging you to speak your truth. Seeing clearly, expands inner knowing. Dispels sorrow, apathy and anger. 
      • Sodalite - Communication, intellect and creative expression. Helps one with communicating with clarity and compassion. Removes writer’s block and creative blockages.
      • Lepidolite - Emotional balance and healing, reducing stress and anxiety. This stone helps to remove negative energy and improves confidence and connection to higher self.
      • Amethyst - A master healer crystal for mind/body/spirit and supportive of all 7 chakras. A crystal of intuition and clarity. Removes fear, anxiety, stress and anger bringing overall peace.
      • Rhodonite - Clears the heart chakra and relieves emotional wounds from the past. Supports self-love, compassion and forgiveness not only for others, but also for self.
      • Rose Quartz - Universal stone of love. Compassion, empathy, love, forgiveness for others and for self. Heart support, love easily flows to you and from. 
      • Howlite - Eliminates stress, pain, and anger. Calm communication, healing and helps to remove bad habits. Strengthens memory and clear thinking.
      • Crystal Quartz - Universal amplifier of energy. Aids in clarity, concentration and aligning our energy centers or chakras. Overall balance and energy cleansing.

            Note: Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, not prescription or healthcare information.

            Size: 7.25 Inch Bracelet

            Details: This bracelet is stretch elastic and handmade with love and mindfulness in Minnesota.  Each bracelet comes with a hang tag description of what it means and the stones included.  Prices vary based on type of crystal used.

                        Vendor: Moxie Malas is Crystal Healing and Aromatherapy jewelry inspired by the best version of you and created as a reminder that all those qualities already exist within! It's time to unleash them and live Peacefully Untamed!  Made in Minnesota.

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