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It is with gratitude that we open ourselves to endless possibilities. Possibilities of abundance, love, and peace.  It is with a grateful heart that we can fully give and receive all the world has to offer.

This bracelet includes 8mm beads in…. 

  • Amethyst - master healer, intuition, calming
  • Apatite - balance, motivation, manifestation, creativity
  • Chrysocolla - freedom, finding your voice, and
    determining your soul path
  • Aventurine - friendship, abundance, prosperity
  • Citrine - clarity, optimism, abundance, and personal power
  • Tiger's Eye - focus, clarity, protection, fearlessness
  • Garnet - re-energizes all 7 main chakras, passion, drive

Note: Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, not prescription or healthcare information.

Size: 7 inch bracelet

Details: This Thrive Collection Bracelet is stretch elastic and handmade with love and mindfulness in Minnesota. Each bracelet comes with a hang tag description of what it means and the stones included. 

Vendor: Moxie Malas is Crystal Healing and Aromatherapy jewelry inspired by the best version of you and created as a reminder that all those qualities already exist within! It's time to unleash them and live Peacefully Untamed!  Made in Minnesota.

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