Zippered Pouch | You Are My Sunshine

Zippered Pouch | You Are My Sunshine

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You are my sunshine. That song is a favorite in my house - my kiddos have asked me to sing it more times than I can count. ☀☀☀

A portion of our profits go to organizations that help protect our pollinators.  Perfect for change, phone charger, ear buds, or whatever you need to stash.


  • Natural colored polyester linen zippered coin or small device bag
  • 5.9" x 3.94"
  • Original botanical photograph

Attributes: Handmade | Social Good | Woman-Owned | Not on Amazon | Made in USA

Vendor: Beck is the photographer, designer, maker, and so much more at Wyldeflower Studio where they donate a portion of profits to organizations that protect our pollinators. All of their products are handcrafted in their photography and printing studio in Raleigh, North Carolina. All images are her original botanical photography.  Beck shoots in the studio, in her gardens, and all over the US at botanical gardens and arboretums. She prints all of her work using a specialized printer and dye. When the dye image and piece are placed in a commercial heat press the magic happens. The high heat and intense pressure vaporizes the dye and fuses it permanently into the surface of the piece. This process creates a waterproof and durable work of art.

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